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‚ÄčPh.D. students

To join our team as a graduate student, there are four eligible programs as described below. It is highly recommended to contact before applying and inquire availability of the positions. Please clearly indicate which program you are interested in applying. We rarely accept M.S. students.

Please articulate 1) What you want to accomplish during your Ph.D., 2) How your past experiences can help you accomplish your goal, and 3) Why and how you think our lab can help you accomplish your goal.

We generally look for the followings in prospective students:

  • Working experience(s) as a full time researcher (e.g., UG summer program, post-bac, lab tech, MS with thesis etc)
  • Experience(s) with presenting your own research project as a first author (oral or poster)
  • Research experiences in one of the molecular and cellular biology techniques (excluding lab courses).
  • Our lab would be a good home for those who want to BOTH wet and dry works. We generally do not accept those who only want to do dry work.

Undergraduate students

Please inquire the availability and send the form below to When the availability is limited, preferences will be given to those seeking a Ph.D. in genetics, genomics, or molecular/cellular biology.

Post-doctoral positions

We always seek a highly motivated Post-doctoral Fellow to join our team. If you have a strong background in molecular/cellular biology, neuroscience, and/or bioinformatics, or deep knowledge of circadian biology, please send your CV with a list of references, and a statement of your research interests to

Lab Tech/Manager

Sorry all the positions are currently full.